Financial planning & investment management

for working professionals

for retirees

for women of influence

for widows/widowers

The investment world has a history of ignoring the needs of those most important, their clients. Wela Financial Advisory was founded in direct response to that trend, choosing to serve clients with courtesy, candor, and care.

Wela at a Glance
million of assets under management (Jan 2023)
average # of years clients have worked with Wela
team members
certified financial planners

We do our best work for a select group of people

Through decades of service, we've found that there are unique & impactful decisions to be made at certain points of life:
Working professionals
You're experiencing exciting transformations in your career & life. We can help plan for it
Our objective is to simplify retirement through hands-on financial advice & education
Women of influence
Higher incomes lead to more opportunities & our team can help provide a clear path forward
Tough times shouldn't be made more difficult because of your financial situation

Client Roadmap

A quick look at the Wela client journey
1) Introductory Consultation

Get to know more about you, gather necessary details relating to your life, finances, and goals in order to build your financial plan.

Let's Talk
2) Your Financial Plan

Review your tailor-built financial plan. Discuss how to best implement your financial plan.

3) Investment Management

Engage in our investment management services. Our minimum is $500,000.

Ongoing Service

What happens after becoming a client:
90 day review

Confirm our relationship, services, accounts, and expectations are aligned.

Six Month Check-In

Wellness check that our relationship is working as intended.

Annual Review

Make sure your financial plan and investment accounts are working in synergy.

As Needed

Phone calls, emails, episodic meetings when life happens, we're always here for you

The Wela Way

There's financial planning, and then there's the Wela Way:
  • Registered investment advisor

  • Held to fiduciary standards

  • Work for the sole benefit of our clients

Investment Philosophy
  • We have firm convictions

  • We are disciplined and keep a long-term perspective

  • Fundamental investing, not market timing

  • Our fees are lower than industry averages

  • No commissions

  • No trade costs

  • Keep you informed & updated

  • Speak in clear & simple terms

  • Prompt & thoughtful responses to your needs

Technology & People
  • Modern Technology, Old Fashioned Service

  • We use technology to engage our clients, not avoid them

  • We use our technology and people to better serve you

Meet the team

We started our journey in 1987. In over three decades of practice, we have strived to provide our clients with the highest level of service at fees below the industry average. We have seen clients through many market cycles and have developed close relationships that span generations.

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