Widows/ Widowers
Success Story

Name and Age: Janet (76)
Occupation: Retired

Meet Janet, a recent widow navigating the challenges of loss and transition. Following her husband's passing, she sought our assistance for clarity and guidance in managing her new financial responsibilities.


She faced the new task of managing her finances alone. Questions about
relocating, drawing from savings, tax-efficient gifting, and seeking CPA advice reinforced her decision to engage a financial planner.


In response to her needs, we devised a tailored financial plan that addressed her
immediate concerns while also providing a roadmap for the future. We addressed
the following: home relocation, retirement spending, and gifting. Our approach aimed not only to guide her through the financial complexities but also to empower her with a sense of confidence and optimism as she navigated this new chapter of her life.


Together we implemented the following in her plan and provided clarity:

  • Established sustainable and tax efficient withdrawal rates from all of her accounts, enabling her to enjoy life without financial worries
  • Introduced a seasoned CPA to her financial team
  • Implemented tax-efficient gifting strategies for her children
  • Facilitated the downsizing of her home and relocation closer to her family

The outcome went beyond financial clarity to restore peace of mind amid grief.
She emerged with newfound confidence and clarity, finding unexpected comfort and joy in her financial journey.

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