We offer three types of client relationships and the fee schedules can be found below:

Introductory Meeting
Starts at $2,700
personalized financial plan

specific and actionable recommendations

top areas of opportunity and improvement

Best For
self implementers who don't want an on going relationship
Flat Fee
based on your unique financial landscape
Simple Pricing
1% of your households taxable income + .25% of your net worth
Paid Monthly
via ACH from your bank account
Client Meetings
2 proactive meetings per year and unlimited as needed, Zoom, phone, and emails.
Understand You
We get you and your unique financial situation and goals
Educate You
and build a financial plan you understand. Ongoing learning and help you feel confident
Solve Problems
we work to help solve your financial problems and concerns, not sell products
Monitor Progress
we monitor your financial progress and keep you accountable to your financial goals.
Keep in Touch
through an on-going partnership and stay up to date in person and through your 24/7 online portal
See Results
help you see tangible and  positive results from your actions and our recommendations
Our required minimum for investments is $300,000
Managed Assets
Actual Fee %
$3,000,001 +
Example Scenario
Our advisory fee is based on your account value at the end of the previous month
Managed Assets on October 31
November Fee
Fee Breakdown
Annual Fee (.84%) / 12 =
Monthly Fee (.07%)
Ongoing Financial Planning
included w/ investment management